Who We Are

You are now tuned in to NoLawMusic! NLM, also known as NeverLoseMotivation, started in Chicago, IL and was created by city native Geno and Melo. NLM's sound has a unique mix of hip-hop, trap, story telling, and high Chicago vibes that can only come from its citizens. The developing team of artist, pioneers and innovators are continuously aspiring to create gateways for branding their movement. Their message behind the music? NEVER Lose Motivation... in anything you do. Stay focused and Get It! whatever that "it" is.

NLM's roots date back to May 20, 2007. This marks 2017 as the 10th year anniversary! As teenage rappers, both Geno and Melo endured Chicago's many adversities. From the gang infested streets to crooked police. Unstable living to drug abuse, both supply and demand. Dysfunctional families to high incarceration. Needless to say, if you make it through the Windy City, you can make it anywhere. In perspective, Chicago is exactly the place for such a label and theme to flourish. This is what drives them as artist and people.

The teams mission is to transform all vices into positive avenues. Birthed into a historic culture of organized crime, NLM is here to spread a new motivation to the streets of Chicago and the rest of the world, doing so with a raw talent and swagger underrated to many. Each individual member has a unique style and approach to both the music and the names rep.

New ideas, music and trends are always at the ready with the NLM conglomerate. Stay tuned for up coming projects and events from NoLawMusic artist and affiliates. Store opening soon! Please take time to enjoy current music releases. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a complimentary download. Visit the contact page for social media links and stay tuned for new updates. Remember, NeverLoseMotivation!

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